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Semâ - Linga

Semâ - Linga

Semâ, the dance of the whirling dervishes, gives the title - and something of a symbol - of this new production, third step of a journey exploring the laws that regulate group movement and the collective awareness of gestures in space. A creation that returns to live music and choreography for organic, flexible and fluid formations

After the productions Flow (Swiss Dance Prize 2019) and Cosmos (2021), the choreographers pursue their collaboration with Mathias Delplanque, associated this time with percussionist Philippe Foch, a versatile musician and “crosser of territories” of traditional, improvised and electroacoustic music.

As if following an imaginary red thread, the choreographers start from the last work Cosmos to sketch a pattern of influences and impulses, leading them to this new stage of their opus.

With this new and astonishing musical formation, an electro-traditional and fiercely imaginative duo, the Compagnie Linga plays once again with the alchemy that is created through improbable artistic encounters, and the living interdependence, constantly to be rebuilt, of the dancer and the musician, of the melody and the gesture, which mutually nourish each other in the flow of movement.

What is the point of living on earth, in the wind and the light, on this offered geography, if not to dance madly, bathed in the light of a world without hope, that is to say without promise.


Photo ©Gennaro Scotti