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Cosmos - Linga & l'Ombre de la Bête

Cosmos - Linga & l'Ombre de la Bête

Since many years we have been exploring group choreography, and the art of creating on stage, with a group of performers, a moving organism capable of forming and breaking down into flexible and fluid formations, which is the sum of its thinking cells, creating a collective consciousness.
A world in which the multiform harmony of the different human figures that compose it, the acceptance of individual differences, their valorisation and visibility contribute to the enrichment of the whole.
A world at the antipode of the usual synchronous formations.
In this world in search of collective harmony, bodies merge in the quest for a new alloy, creating relationships so intense that emotions are shared, understood, felt by all. Thus, each one finds, in the simultaneity of everyone’s movements, the place for the maximum deployment of his or her own.
After Flow (production 2018), inspired by the captivating and fluid spectacle of shoals of fish and swarms of birds, this new group choreographic adventure is born under the sign of celestial mechanics and the eternal movement of the stars. A place where «things exist in interdependence, and this interdependent existence of things occurs in the form of orderly chaos» (Chögyam Trungpa).
In movement, this quest for orderly chaos is expressed by the conjunction of trajectories and geometries, rotations and revolutions, by ritual gestures and renewed traditions. And by new scenic orbits.