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L'Octogone Théâtre de Pully
Fri & Sa 18-19.03.2016 / 20:30

Idea and choreography: Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo
Dancers: Ai Koyama, Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, Raquel Miro, Marie Urvoy, Nathalie van den Hombergh, Clara Villalba, Cindy Villemin

Ticket office: +41 (0)21 721 36 20 /

Calendar - fall / winter


L'Octogone, Théâtre de Pully (CH)
06 November 2015

Teatr Studio - Duza Scena, Warsaw (PL)
02 December 2015

Théâtre du Passage, Neuchâtel (CH)
Hiver de Danses 2015-16, 20th anniversary ADN
10 January 2016

Grand Théâtre de Calais, Calais (FR)
23 January 2016

Falling Grace

Grand Théâtre de Calais,  Calais (FR)
21 January 2016


Backstreet Festival 2015, Alexandria (EGY)
Jesuits Cultural Center
20 and 21 October 2015


Backstreet Festival 2015, Alexandria (EGY)
Urban dance performance
18 and 19 October 2015

The light project

Festival Dança em Trânsito 2015, Rio de Janeiro (BR)

Praça Cinelandia, 27 August
Centro Cultural Correios, 29 August
Copacabana, 30 August


cie linga © cantalupo

Directed by Marco Cantalupo for the Lies Collective (Alexandria, EGY)

Volatile, a physical theater project for the Lies Collective, is freely inspired by The Conference of the Birds, a collection of medieval poems by Persian poet Farid Ud-Din-Attar. The piece has been presented at the Backstreet Festival Alexandria last October 20th and 21st.

The collaboration between Egyptian scene and Compagnie Linga started in 2012 and led to the creation of the Lies Collective, founded by Marco Cantalupo, the choreographer Peter Schelling, the writer Menha El Batrui, Mohamed Elhagrasy and a team of young Egytian actors. Volatile is the second production of the Lies Collective.